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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Celadrin Plus Muscle & Joints Support - More Information

Celadrin® is a unique combination of fatty acids, designed to work as an effective pain-relief and anti-inflammatory. Using natural resources, the formula provides the pain-relieving effects of commonly prescribed medication without the potential side effects. Celadrin® is so safe that in every clinical trial of the solution, no side effect was reported. Clinical studies have also helped to demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing both pain and swelling, making it an ideal treatment for arthritis sufferers! For those who do suffer from arthritis and similar ailments, it has also been shown to be useful in increasing movement capability and decreasing inflammation in painful joints. These handy capsules are easy to swallow and help to quickly get you back to full health.

What is Celadrin®?

Celadrin® is a formula designed specifically to reduce joint pain. Studies have shown that CFAs contained within Celadrin® are stored in cell membranes and could support healthy joint lubrication. They may also aid the body’s production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances which help to control the immune system and combat inflamed joints. 

It is also thought that the CFAs in Celadrin® possess natural pain-killing properties. These are believed to prevent the action of an inflammatory enzyme in the body which can cause health problems such as asthma and arthritis.

CFAs are particularly useful in relieving pain in arthritis sufferers. Over 8.5 million people visit their doctor every year about arthritis symptoms in the UK alone with Osteoarthritis being the most highly recorded kind. Bur Celadrin® may be the answer as numerous trials have shown CFSs to be an effective treatment of osteoarthritis.

After one 68-day trial, all participants had witnessed an improvement in joint function as a result of CFAs. Over 40 people in a later survey confirmed these results as they also reported a noticeable improvement in joint movement after using a CFA-based product.

But, it’s not just for arthritis! These fatty acids are also effective in easing pain felt by those with muscle difficulties. Myofascial is a chronic pain disorder and patients who used CFA products twice a day reported relief from their symptoms.

What does it do?

The product has been clinically tested with regards to its ability to decrease cartilage breakdown as well as providing effective anti-inflammatory properties. Celadrin® is combined with glucosamine to provide optimum results as, whilst the Celadrin reduces inflammation, glucosamine works to repair cartilage. This will potentially help with pain caused by osteoarthritis and help prevent further tissue and joint damage while promoting healing. These capsules may help to lubricate damaged joints often caused by various forms of arthritis. Reducing pain also helps to promote improved mobility of the affected joint, helping you to get back to normal function.

If you are suffering from the pain caused by arthritis then look no further for fast relief!

Celadrin® can also be incredibly effective for other inflammatory or pain-related disorders, providing effective yet safe results for those suffering from any kind of joint pain.