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Understanding CBD - what is it, and can it benefit your health?

Cannabidiol has been all over the news recently, as cannabis-derived products are getting more and more popular for their supposed benefits. Let’s look at what CBD is and how it can boost your health.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 104 chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant. Unlike THC — the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis — CBD has no psychoactive effects and is therefore perfectly legal and most importantly safe to take. CBD is extracted from cannabis plants and can be used as an oil.

Will it get you high? No. As CBD doesn’t contain THC, it won’t get you high, as it doesn’t disrupt the central nervous system. The MRHA ruled earlier this year that marketing CBD based products is technically legal in the UK, as long as no claims, relating to the potential medical benefits, are made.

How to use CBD

Now that we’ve established what CBD oil is, let’s have a closer look at the different ways to get cannabidiol into your system.

  • Ingestion. By far the easiest way to get CBD into your system is to ingest it. For example, we recommend taking our CBD oil by squeezing 2-3 drops from the pipette under your tongue and leaving it for about a minute before swallowing it. You can even mix the oil with a variety of products, like drinks, baked goods or breakfasts.
  • Inhalation. This is recommended for people who have experience with vaping, and hemp products delivered in this manner have a tendency to pass out of the bloodstream within a few hours.
  • Topical. Topical application can be a great way to explore the benefits of CBD. Products include balms, salves, lotions and oils. When using topical CBD products, the oil takes effect quickly without entering the bloodstream.

How CBD can help you

In this well-regulated industry we cannot discuss potential health claims or reveal scientific research, however it’s very easy, with just a click of a mouse, to discover a world of information on the internet for yourself – here are some of the areas of research it’s worth looking into:

Joint pain

A 2017 study found that CBD might be a useful treatment to relieve osteoarthritis pain, which is a degenerative disease that affects joint cartilage and bones. There is, however, more research is necessary to confirm this.


CBD possibly can help reduce anxiety, which can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from insomnia. According to research, CBD could improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia. In addition, CBD may help to improve REM sleep in people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anxiety and panic attacks

As previously mentioned, CBD could help reduce anxiety by reducing muscle tension, restlessness and fatigue. A recent study into social anxiety has shown that taking CBD prior to a speaking engagement reduced anxiety levels significantly.

Besides lowering anxiety levels, cannabidiol is also being investigated as a promising treatment for panic attacks.

Some online sources of information about CBD (correct at Sept 2018)

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