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Using a TENS Machine for Migraine Pain

Using a TENS Machine for Migraine Pain

Using a tens machine for migraine pain

Those who suffer from migraines and headaches know all too well that it can truly be a debilitating condition and often feels like you’ve exhausted every option to get the pain under control. Migraines are much more commonplace than you may think and are one of the most common neurological conditions in the world.

While many headaches aren’t serious and can be treated with over-the-counter pharmacy remedies such as paracetamol or lifestyle changes (eating healthier, getting more sleep, fitness and cutting down on caffeine are all good places to start) a migraine can manifest itself with other symptoms as well such as nausea and sensitivity to light, meaning it could have a bigger effect on your day.

Alternative Migraine Relief

At Tower Health we’re always looking for natural health and alternative remedies for common issues as we believe an alternative should be available for those who want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and the prospect of becoming reliant on them and ending up with rebound headaches when you try to cut them out again.

Acupuncture has long been a popular alternative to drugs for treating migraines. Acupuncture is the process of stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles, this tricks your body into creating more natural substances such as pain relief endorphins. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation also known as TENS therapy works in a similar way but utilises a mild electrical current to stimulate those nerve endings without the use of needles.

TENs have become a popular form of pain relief for those looking for alternatives to medication.

Can a TENS unit help Migraines?

Yes! Recent studies have shown rapid acute migraine relief when using TENS therapy.

You can use most TENS devices to help with your migraine pain, utilising common acupressure points you can use a handheld electronic pain relief device such as the paingone pen to stimulate the relevant nerve endings which can help ease your headache.

While it may sound scary to administer a mild electrical current to yourself, TENs therapy is perfectly safe and most units will come with a variety of settings so that you can manage the intensity yourself.

TENS Unit for Migraine

Despite the pain relief benefits of normal TENS machines, people are often heading to Google to search for questions such as ‘Can you use TENS on your face?’, ‘Can I use a TENS unit on my temples?’ and the answer for normal TENS devices is no. It’s not safe to do so. However, there is clearly desperation to move that pain relief directly to the point of pain in the head, and because of this Paingone have developed a device that is specifically designed to relieve migraine pain.

Paingone Qalm

Unlike a standard TENS device, Paingone Qalm can be applied directly to the head and as such directly to the point of pain. The output and frequency help to stimulate the trigeminal nerve which is responsible for sensation in the face and select motor functions. Qalm is clinically proven to help relieve common and episodic migraines, migraines with aura as well as tension headaches.

The device has been designed with migraine sufferers in mind, it’s lightweight and compact enough to be kept in your bag throughout the day. There are two main settings on the device for treatment and prevention.

Paingone Qalm - Tens Machine for migraine relief

Migraine Treatment

The migraine treatment setting is designed to be used when you’re having a migraine attack, with the treatment programme lasting around 60 minutes.

Migraine Prevention

The prevention setting is a treatment programme designed to be used daily and lasts for 20 minutes to help keep migraines at bay before they happen.

While it is impossible to say that a device will work for everybody who tries it, there are signs that TENS therapy is something that migraine sufferers can be positive about as a drug-free alternative method of pain relief. Not sure if it will work for you? Here at Tower Health, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try a device at home risk-free.


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