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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available
Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available


To use the Veinoplus VI, the electrodes need to be attached to the calves and the device switched on. Then start the 30-minute treatment cycle, which turns off automatically after half an hour.

The device should be used once a day. If you are suffering from tired legs or night cramps, the treatment should be performed before bed. In the case of acute or chronic edema, then you should use the device during the afternoon. For chronic edema, start with 3 sessions a day for 15 days, then 2 sessions a day for 15 days, before dropping down to 1. In the case of tired legs or night cramps, if symptoms persist after using the Veinoplus, then you can carry out one or two additional sessions in the afternoon.

You should not use the Veinoplus VI if you have a defibrillator or pacemaker. If you suffer from venous thrombosis or bleeding due to anti-clotting, then you should consult a doctor before using the device. The electrodes should not be applied to skin lesions, or to skin that is inflamed, infected, or has varicose veins, If you experience a rash or burning sensation, then stop using the device.


Do Not use Veinoplus VI if you use a pacemaker or a defibrillator


  • If you are suffering from the following conditions or in case of doubt, consult a physician before using Veinoplus VI:

             -  Venous Thrombosis

             -  Tendency to bleed induced by anti-clotting treatment

  • Do not apply the electrodes on skin with a lesion of any kind (cancerous lesion etc), inflammation, infection, or severe varicose veins.
  • Should a skin rash or a skin burn occur, immediately discontinue use and if this persisits, contact your doctor.