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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Super Medo -More Information

If your hair is fine or limp, or you struggle to manage frizzy fly-away hair, then this all-natural shampoo could help.

With excellent customer reviews, Super Medo Hair Shampoo is highly popular with Tower Health customers and, unlike most shampoos, the natural ingredients help increase the nutrients provided to the hair shaft which consequently provides a healthier, bouncier, fuller head of hair.

Dead sea salt, caffeine, and Citrus extracts are just some of the natural ingredients in this plant-based product.

Years of research by the Jean-Claudes Lourdes Institute has discovered some of the secrets surrounding the quest for super thick luxuriant hair. This amazing discovery has transformed the fight against hair problems. After just one application of Super Medo Hair Shampoo, your hair is improved and transformed.

Research by the International Journal of Dermatology suggests that topical treatment of caffeine resulted in an increase in average growth of hair follicles by 48% - it also extended the lifecycle by 33% this is because it is thought that caffeine can block the effect of DHT, which is the element that causes male pattern baldness. Besides preventing hair loss, caffeine stimulates the hair roots in the scalps of women and triggers stronger growth. For caffeine to be effective, allow the caffeine shampoo to stay on the scalp for at least 2 minutes so it can fully penetrate.

And whilst this would appear to be a small study, our customers would concur that the caffeine in Super Medo Hair definitely adds natural shine and manageability.