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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available
Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Roll Easy - More Information

Roll easy cream applicator, the essential help for your care,for applying creams and massaging, washing and removing dry skins in your back easily without needing to stretch.

The ergonomic device has an extendible handle (21 to 38 cm long) allows you to reach inaccessible areas such as your back for maximum confort. Accessories allow a agreeable massage. With Roll easy, applying creams in a clean and economical way becomes a breeze. The accessories can be changed very easily and are washable. It is fold able and can be easily taken everywhere within its little plastic bag, while traveling or at the beach. Its head can be moved a quarter of a turn and so automatically adapts to your silhouette.

Apply cream, lotions, shower gel or sun cream sparingly on to one of the three removable applicators, clip it onto the handle and the Easy Roll is ready. It's surprising how little cream or lotion will be used. The soft covering of the various attachments provides a soft massage and feels great on your skin. As these attachments are flexible, Roll Easy works with the body's natural curves.

Roll Easy allows you to be independent, be it at the beach or in daily use for medical purposes.