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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Paingone Qalm - More Info

What is Paingone Qalm?

Paingone Qalm is a compact, lightweight TENs machine worn directly on the forehead. It is a drug-free solution for migraine sufferers to help pain relief and reduce the chance of a migraine attack.

These TENs machines for migraines can be used for the relief of common and episodic migraines, migraine with aura, and even tension headaches. TENs therapy is clinically proven to help relieve migraine pain and Paingone Qalm's simple operation makes it suitable for use by anyone.

Read the Paingone Qalm reviews to see how these TENs machines have helped our customers.

How does Paingone Qalm treat migraines?

Paingone Qalm uses a specially engineered form of electrical TENS therapy. Unlike a traditional TENS device, Qalm can be safely placed directly on the head. The therapy intensity from these TENs machines for migraines is fully adjustable to optimise the treatment for you.

In a similar fashion to other TENs devices, Qalm uses mild electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings under the skin to promote the release of pain relief endorphons.

Who should use Paingone Qalm?

Those who suffer from chronic migraines or acute headaches. Paingone Qalm is an ideal alternative migraine treatment for those looking for pain relief without the reliance of medication.