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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available
Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Paingone One - FAQs

Are Paingone Pens guaranteed to work for everyone and on every pain?

As everyone is different, we cannot guarantee that a Paingone Pen will work for every case, or on every pain. What we can tell you is that over 95% of people that buy a Paingone pen, under our money-back guarantee scheme keep it, permanently.

How long does a Paingone Pen take to work?

Everybody is different. For some, the relief can come almost immediately, for others this can take a few days or occasionally 1-2 weeks.

Is paingone clinically proven?

Yes, Paingone has undergone clinical evaluations and trials for many years and in 2017 a double-blind randomised placebo study showed that Paingone was effective on acute, chronic and musculoskeletal pain.

How often can I use a Paingone Pen?

Paingone Pens and Paingone Plus have been used by over 2 million people worldwide, with many people using them 3 or 4 times a day. Having spoken to many thousands of satisfied users over the years, our customer advisors find the most popular times people seem to use Paingone are first thing in the morning, around lunch and again last thing at night, however, if you want to use it more often this is perfectly fine as you cannot overuse it.