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Salitair Salt Pipe Inhaler - Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Salitair Salt Pipe Inhaler

The Salitair Salt Pipe is a refillable salt pipe inhaler that provides the natural benefits of salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) in the comfort of your own home. Salt therapy is an alternative and natural treatment that involves inhaling salty air to cleanse the respiratory system and flush out any impurities, thereby potentially improving the overall health of all areas involved in breathing.

The Salitair device is an excellent alternative to steroidal medications that are commonly prescribed for chronic breathing disorders while also helping to improve respiratory health to help minimise chest infections and coughs.


What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy also known as halotherapy can typically be administered wet of dry. Wet salt therapy takes the form of salt scrubs, baths, flotation tanks and gargling solutions, whereas dry salt therapy also known as Speleotherapy makes use of tiny salt particles in the air.

Speleotherapy is breathing in the air of very specific conditions such as in caves or salt mines and has been utilised in continental Europe for centuries. Once reserved solely as a punishment for rebels committing offences against the state, a trip to the salt mines in Ukraine and in Praid, Romania is now considered a luxury respiratory treatment.

Over 10,000 patients a year are treated there with Speleotherapy treatment, as the temperature in the mines are set to 22c and patients even sleep on special beds carved out of salt as they inhale in the warm, salty air.

It is these conditions that a salt pipe inhaler such as Salitair looks to replicate in the comfort of your own home.


Salt Inhaler Benefits

Advocates of natural healing have said that salt therapy and salt inhalers can improve symptoms for those suffering from:

Tests have shown the past that alongside other medication, a salt pipe inhaler can improve effort tolerance and quality of life for those suffering with breathing problems. Cleansing the airways can help to thin mucus which is often a stubborn side-effect of many of the conditions mentioned above.

As with any form of treatment, everybody reacts differently and what works for somebody may not work for others, it’s always best to check with your GP first.


How does a salt pipe inhaler work?

How does the Salitair Work?

The Salitair is a lightweight plastic device with a central salt chamber between two filters and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece.

Using the Salitair device is simple and convenient, it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine as you need to breathe in through the device and out through your nose for just 15 minutes a day. It is preferable to use it at the same time of the day for optimum results.

Upon breathing in, the moisture of the passing air will absorb tiny particles of salt as it passes through the central chamber. These salt particles cleanse the respiratory system as they pass through, before being breathed out. This treatment can also help boost the body’s natural self-cleansing mechanisms which is said to help rid the respiratory system of further impurities, and ease irritation caused by infections and allergies.


Why choose Salitair Salt Pipe?

Doesn’t cause drowsiness - If you’re using Salitair for allergies, you don’t need to worry about the risk of drowsiness that comes with certain antihistamines.

Long product lifespan - Salt refills can also be purchased from Tower Health meaning that you can use your salt inhaler over a longer period of time.

Easy to clean - Unlike some closed salt pipes which can only be wiped clean, Salitair can be emptied and cleaned in warm, soapy water to remove germs and bacteria.

Only takes 15 mins a day - Using Salitair takes minimal time, meaning that it won’t be a hindrance on your day.


Salitair Salt Pipe Reviews

With natural remedies, the reviews speak for themselves and for the Salitair salt pipe it is no different. There are a number of fantastic 5 star reviews from Tower Health customers on the product that all reference how their salt pipe has helped improve their breathing. Here are just a few:

Customer Reviews

”Would recommend to any one with breathing problems, I am already feeling the difference in just over a week.” - Edward John Chainey, April 2020

”Been using this everyday now since I got it and I have found it has been thinning and bringing my mucus up. Something I had trouble with.” - Kim, May 2020

Medical Reviews:

Salitair boasts Class 1 Medical Device classification and endorsements by many medical professionals, which are backed up by evidence from various clinical studies. Here is what a couple of them had to say about Salitair:

“As a physician specialising in natural approaches to healing and the enhancement of wellness, I am struck with the sheer genius of the concept…Salt inhalation therapy is used in Germany, Austria, the Dead Sea and many other Central and Eastern European countries – this is a traditional therapy that has withstood the test of time, and based on some of the clinical studies I’ve seen should be employed more often for healthier pulmonary function…it was a pleasure to use…and I shall definitely be adding it to my armamentarium of natural therapies.” Dr Marvin P Schweitzer – Clinical Director, Wellness

“I am delighted…I noticed an improvement instantly, there is no question that your innovative drug free product delivers exactly what it claims. For me it almost completely eliminates the residual congestion that did not respond to steroids or Ventalin. Despite being under an expert consultant and complying rigidly to all listed instructions I have never been able to enjoy a cough free day or night. Now I sleep better and experience a vastly improved lung capacity during all activities as long as I use the pipe for 10 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon.” Dr S.L. Wildman-Chard

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