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Natural remedies for muscle and joint pain: what really works?

Having aching muscles and joints is something that most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives, especially as we get older and potentially experience symptoms of Arthritis and other conditions related to pain and inflammation in joints. There are a lot of myths and rumours that go around about what helps and what doesn’t help ease symptoms, but it would be handy if there were a range of answers that could assist us!

1) Hot and Cold Therapy:

Muscle aches and joint pains are as a result of conditions like Arthritis, back pain,

fibromyalgia and neck pain could be eased with either hot or cold therapy. But why? Heat increases blood flow and nutrients to the area of pain in the body, often having the best results in the morning when muscles are stiff and need warming up for the day. Whereas, cold therapy slows blood flow, reducing swelling and pain - this is often a good option for short-term pain! If you choose to use heat or cold packs as a natural drug-free pain relief, it is important, that you use heat or cold therapy to help you ease aches and pains.

2) Epsom Salts:

These are placed in the bath along with warm water. The salts are broken down into

magnesium and sulphate. The theory is that when you soak in the water, the Epsom salts are absorbed into the skin. However, it hasn’t yet been proven if warm water alone is good for helping relax muscles and loosen stiff joints.

3) Turmeric and Ginger:

Ginger and Turmeric are two types of flowering plants that are widely used in natural medicine.

Ginger’s medicinal properties are mostly due to the presence of phenolic compounds, including gingerol, a chemical containing potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help ease joint pain.

Turmeric contains a chemical compound curcumin, shown to aid in treating and preventing several chronic conditions.

Although evidence is limited on the effects of ginger and turmeric when they are used together, studies have shown that both can help reduce pain and sickness.

4) Supplements and other options:

A key supplement which good for muscle and joint pain is Glucosamine - a nutrient which is naturally found in the body’s connective tissue and is a building block of cartilage, absorbing impact and cushioning our joints when we move. Shop our Glucosamine and Collagen supplements available on our website.

Another alternative ingredient to include in your lifestyle is Chondroitin. This active ingredient helps keep cartilage healthy by absorbing fluid into our connective tissues.

JointGold for sore joints and muscles 

We recommend trying our JointGold Patch for a combination of both! The patches are designed to help promote healthy cartilage formation in joints including anti-inflammatories and pain relieving ingredients.

An alternative to the other products listed above, Tower Health’s Fisioplus is a soothing drug-free muscle and joint cream containing a blend of 4 active ingredients (Arnica, Tea Tree Oil, Marigold and St John wort) all known for their therapeutic properties. When the cream is applied to the affected area, Fisioplus is quickly absorbed into the skin, delivering its active ingredients deep into the tissue. The fast-acting formula provides immediate relief from pain and discomfort, allowing you to regain mobility and continue with your daily activities.

In summary, muscle and joint pain can be helped in a manner of ways depending on the severity of your pain. It is advised, if you are someone who suffers, to seek medical advice from a professional before trying anything medicinal.

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