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Circulation Maxx Reviews

Did you know that Circulation Maxx, sold by Tower Health, is effective for reducing swelling and helps to improve circulation in the lower legs? It is and can be of great use to anyone in the winter. Getting your blood circulating is good for anyone at all ages, and Circulation Maxx is able to help relax your muscles. If soothing your aching muscles and alleviating tiredness is your main aim. Tower Health are certainly able to help with that. Helping people's life to just get better is a main aim of the company.

What does it do?

We'll start off with a customer review, becase we know how much it means to you to hear it from real people. 

"Excellent product. I felt the beefits after the first use. Leg circulation is much better, calf muscles are relaxed. I can get around with much less pain and have not experienced anymore severe cramps in my legs. 


When should you use it?

Circulation Maxx is very popular within the winter seasons, and often with age, people find that they begin to experience swelling in their feet, ankles and lower legs because of their prolonged sitting. However, it is not just an age thing, it can often occur during the winter but also in younger people. The condition is often caused by blood pooling and this will mean that you may suffer from severe discomfort in your feet and lower legs. This is where Circulation Maxx can help, and has helped others in the past. The massager works effectively to boost your blood flow in your lower limbs, meaning you can go about your daily tasks a lot easier than you used to be able to. 

Why is it necessary?

You should use Circulation Maxx or any other form of circulation therapy if you are suffering from aches and pains in your legs due to blood pooling. Healthy blood circulation is essential for good health. It can help to increase oxygenation, and even make your cells healthy enough to retain nutrition. Even further, healthy blood circulation relieves arthritis pain and problems due to diabetes, aching and even tiredness.

Interested? Feel free to ask us any questions either via email at or even give us a call and speak to one of our product specialists on 0800 953 1666. With advice and help, you can get one step closer to life just getting better. 

What else do I need to know about the product?

With Circulation Maxx, you can ease the aching muscles of your feet and lower legs. The gentle electric currents produced by this circulation massager stimulate the nerve-endings, end up increasing your blood flow, and COULD help releive some of the pain in your aching muscles for a temporary period of time. 

If you end up remaining seated for a long time or you are inactive then you are likely to expeirence blood circulation problems. Having a soothing and relaxing massage could end up reducing the swelling in your ankles. 

How do you use it?

Clinically tested, Circulation Maxx is a circulation massager with the sole aim of enhancing the blood flow in your feet and lower limbs. Simple and easy to use, it even comes with a remote control. simply for your convenience. In terms of time used, no longer than 25 minutes is necessary. Don't worry though, the elapsed time will appear on the display. It is always best to use Circulation Maxx three to four times a week, and that tingling sensation that you so often feel in your feet and toes during a massage might extend to your lower leg. his can vary depending on the intensity setting, but don't worry, it is completely normal. 

Who else has used it?

Take a look at the following quotes from people who are delighted about purchasing Circulation Maxx and enjoyed their experience. You can check out more on our Tower Health TrustPilot page:

  • "Works for me, I use it every day.and my ankles have gone down."
  • "Seems to do the job easy to plug in and use"
  • "Bought it for a friend and she is very satisfied"
  • "Great price for these, though they seem underpowered as I have the sole setting up at 80. However, works, which is the point.

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