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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available
Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

Senior Pet Multivitamin More Info

Support your pet's wellness routine and leave them with strong joints, nourished skin, a glossy coat, and improved energy levels, thanks to BestLyfe Pet Multivitamin Senior+. 

A balanced supplement with 17 essential vitamins and minerals to help your dog achieve the nutrients they need for everyday health and vitality at an older age.

We’ve included essential vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin D to strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Tumeric to support a healthy heart.
  • Sodium Selenite (a source of Selenium), Vitamin B, Ascorbic acid (a source of Vitamin C), and Vitamin E for further antioxidant support.
  • Zinc to support the immune system and help the healing of wounds.

 For dogs aged 7+ years.

Serving size: Up to 10kg = 1 capsule daily | 10-25kg = 2 capsules daily | 25kg-45kg = 3 capsules daily. You can give capsules to your pet whole or break them down and include them in their food.

All of our vitamins are Made In The UK, meaning our supply chain is mostly UK-based, ingredients are fresher, and raw materials have a smaller carbon footprint. 

All of our packaging from jars, to sachets to mailing bags, is recyclable. The Eco Pack your vitamins come in is here to stay!