Size Matters Vaginal Pump Kit MI200

Size Matters Vaginal Pump Kit MI200

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Product benefits

  • Vaginal pump and cylinder in one – giving you the easiest way to improve the sensation of any vaginal contact.
  • Discreet kit
  • Increases sensation
  • All-in-one pump kit
  • Engorges the labia and clitoris

How does it work?

By drawing blood to the surface of the vagina and labia the area becomes naturally more sensitive, so you can enjoy increased sensation whilst pumping and during contact after the pumping cylinder has been removed.

Continued usage can have another effect – enlargement. Through the use of vacuum technology you can actually draw so much blood into the surface of the skin that the area becomes swollen, looking pumped-up. This can add a whole new dimension to foreplay and intercourse.

Complete with its own cylinder and medicine-ball style hand-pump, the Vaginal Pump Kit comes with its own ‘no kink’ hose, which means it won’t become tangled up when not in use. The Vaginal Pump is 9cm in length with a useable depth of 4.5cm.

How the Size Matters Vaginal Pump Kit Works

The Size Matters Vaginal Pump Kit utilises vacuum technology to draw blood into the vaginal region, engorging the clitoris and labia, making them more sensitive to the touch.

Product Features

  • To boost labia and clitoris sensitivity
  • Increases sensation
  • To increase the size of your labia

Product Details

Perfect for those new to pumping as well as more experienced users, the Vaginal Pump Kit gives you an easy way to boost labia and clitoris sensitivity and can also increase the size of your labia which could heighten your sexual pleasure. 

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