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Regaine for Men - extra strength scalp foam

Regaine for Men - extra strength scalp foam

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Regaine for Men (known as Rogaine in USA) is one of the best selling remedies for male pattern baldness. 

Why should you choose Regaine for Men Extra Strength Foam?

  • Treats hereditary male hair loss – thinning, baldness or a receding hair line
  • Prevents further hair loss and regrows hair
  • Contains the only clinically approved ingredient available over the counter  – Minoxidil
  • No fuss and cheaper than alternative hair loss treatments such as surgery

Does Regaine work for all male hair loss?

Regaine for Men has been created to treat hereditary male hair loss known as androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness.  If you think you're suffering from male patten baldness, look at both sides of your family – the gene involved can also be passed down from your mother's side.

Men often begin losing their hair in their thirties, or even as early as their twenties and the pattern is recognisable – a eceding hair line and / or thinning and eventually a bald spot on the crown of the head.  40% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 35.  Hair loss, especially when young, can make you feel aged and less attractive.

You are most likely to see good results from Regaine if you start using it when you start to notice your hair thinning.  

Regaine for Men Extra Strength Foam contains 5% Minoxidil

Only one over the counter treatment has been approved and clinically proven to treat hair loss and that is Minoxidil.  Standard strength solutions contained 2% Minoxidil, but Extra Strength Foam now makes a more powerful hair loss remedy available for you.

Minoxidil is said to increase the blood flow to your hair follicles, strengthening current hair, reducing hair loss and helping regrow hair. 

In a clinical study of 352 men suffering from hereditary hair loss, 9 out of 10 men said they kept or regained hair when they used Regaine twice daily for 4 months.

How to Use Regaine for Men Extra Strength Foam

Regaine foam is designed to be easy to use, hassle free and fit in with your routine whether you like to groom yourself or just have a quick wash and brush up.  You should use Regaine foam every morning, and every evening at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Make sure your scalp is dry and press the nozzle to release the foam onto your scalp where it is needed.  Rub it in and wash your hands.  

Don't use extra – your hair will not grow quicker and you may suffer from side effects.  You should use a 1g squirt of foam, twice a day to get results.  

If you use gel or wax on your hair, just allow the Regaine to dry completely before adding.

How soon will I get results from Regaine?

In clinical studies most men saw results after 4 months – seeing their hair loss stopped and in many cases new hair growth.

In the first couple of weeks you may see an increase in hair loss – this shows that Regaine is working as it has star

ted your hair growth cycle.  After this you should start to see a reduction in hair loss, and in some cases may start to see regrowth as early 8 weeks.

It is important to keep using Regaine twice a day, every day.  If you don't keep up this routine any progress will be lost and you will begin to lose hair. 

Who shouldn't use Regaine for Men?

Have problems with blood pressureYou should not use Regaine for Men if you:

  • Have a shaven head
  • Have itchy, red or infected scalp including a skin disease like psoriasis
  • Have already had a hair transplant
  • Are allergic to the main ingredient, Minoxidil
  • are under 18 or over 65 years of age 
  • Suffer from blood pressure problems 

If you are not sure why you are losing your hair you should visit your doctor to rule out other possibilities than hereditary hair loss before trying Regaine.

Please ensure you read all product labels and packaging before use

Side effects of Regaine for Men

The main effect of Regaine for men is to stop your hair loss and help you regain some of your lost hair.  However there can be side effects from Minoxidil if not used properly.

If Minoxidil is absorbed into the blood it may speed up the heart rate, cause swelling in your hands and feet, and dizziness.  When used correctly though side effects are very rare.  Use no more than twice per day and always wash hands after use.

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

Product Features

  • Treats hereditary male hair loss – thinning, baldness or a receding hair line
  • Prevents further hair loss and regrows hair
  • Contains clinically approved ingredient Minoxidil
  • Clinically proven

Product Details

Looking to prevent hair loss and even regrow your hair?  9 out of 10 men experienced this with Regaine for Men Extra Strength Foam.  This no hassle, no mess hair loss treatment is clinically proven, licensed for home use and now available with 5% Minoxidil for maximum effects.

Please note that Regaine for Men - extra strength scalp foam can only by purchased and shipped within the UK. This product is not available for delivery outside the UK. 

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