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Pelham and Strutt Sport - Men’s Compression T-Shirt

Pelham and Strutt Sport - Men’s Compression T-Shirt

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Why choose the Pelham & Strutt Core T-Shirt?

The Pelham & Strutt Men's Posture T-Shirt:

  • Gives you a leaner, more sculpted physique
  • Improves your posture and eliminates back pain
  • Energises & improves circulation

At a distance, the P&S Men's T-shirt looks like any other t-shirt. In a choice of grey or white and a range of sizes you're sure to look good wherever you wear it. Look closer though and you can see the advanced technology that makes this t-shirt special.

The advanced “Corepression” design
Each t-shirt uses unique zonal mapping with different panels woven into the soft fabric. Pelham & Strutt worked with a Chartered Physiotherapist to design the exact shape and placing of the panels so that they work with your core muscles to help support your body. The posture t-shirt specifically helps by lifting and pulling back your shoulders.

This “Corepression” design strengthens your core muscles to support your spine and helps improve your posture whilst sitting, standing, walking or working out. Bad posture can often lead to lower back pain, so by helping you to improve your posture the P&S Men's T-shirt can help to eliminate this.

What's more it can also help you to look good at the same time. This tummy tucker for men helps by simply improving your posture will help you look leaner. And this compression t-shirt also helps to sculpt your chest and hold in your stomach and waist. You could lose up to 3 inches around your waist when wearing the Pelham & Strutt men's t-shirt, helping you to achieve that sought after V-shape torso.

Comfort anywhere, anytime 
The Pelham & Strutt Men's Compression T-shirt has been designed for you to wear anywear, any time. So of course it needs to be comfortable! The zonal mapping panels are woven into soft, seamless material to make it feel like you are wearing a second skin.

Plus it has been designed to whisk away moisture from your skin, and help control your body temperature so you don't need to worry about getting hot, sweaty and uncomfortable when wearing this t-shirt.

Feel the benefit of Pelham & Strutt Men's Posture T-Shirt
Whether you're looking to improve your posture and eliminate back pain or just look more toned and sculpted, this men's posture t-shirt can help you do this every day. Use the advanced men's size guide with your height and weight to easily choose and order the right size for you.

Order from Tower Health and you'll find cheaper prices than you would on the high street. And what's more it's easy to order online and you get it delivered free to your door. Get your men's posture t-shirt now to start looking and feeling great!


Product Features

  • Zonal core muscle compression
  • Spinal alignment and posture support
  • Sculpts, shapes and slims the torso
  • Improves circulation and energises
  • Deflects moisture and controls temperature.

Product Details

This men's compression t-shirt from Pelham & Strutt is specially designed to improve your posture and help reduce lower back pain whilst making you look great.  Perfect for wearing on it's own or under a shirt, jumper or jacket it supports your back, sculpts your chest and slims your stomach and torso. The wonder “T-shirt” as described by the Daily Mail earlier this year, is the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

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