Painmaster Micro Current Therapy Patches

Painmaster Micro Current Therapy Patches

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Painmaster MCT Patches

Painmaster is a new type of pain relief technology. Using micro current therapy, a tiny electrical current, it stimulates painful or injured parts of your body and speeds up the healing process. It’s that simple! Stick your patches either side of the painful area, be it for muscle pain, a sore knee, or back pain, and leave them until your pain is reduced or completely gone! Painmaster patches are small and subtle, meaning you can wear them all day if you wish and no one will even know you’re wearing them.

The best part is that this drug free, non-invasive method of pain relief is affordable, effective, and can be used 24/7. With a 300 hour battery life, there’s enough power in one Painmaster to keep yourself pain free for over 12 days! If your pain is gone before that, you can simply remove it and re-use it another time.

Painmaster has been proven effective for a vast array of pain types, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, migraines, tennis elbow, and much more.

Everyone either has, or knows someone who has pain. Try Painmaster today and enjoy a pain free tomorrow.

Product Features

  • Proven pain management technology
  • A small micro current therapy device
  • Stimulates the restoration and repair of damaged cells in your body
  • Drug free

Product Details

Painmaster – proven pain management technology

Painmaster is a small micro current therapy device. It stimulates the restoration and repair of damaged cells in your body which are the source of all kinds of pain, from tennis elbow to back pain to muscle aches. Painmaster is a patented, drug free, proven pain management technology!

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