Paingone Reviews and Testimonials

What is Paingone pen?

Paingone is a revolution in pain relief, trusted by nearly 2.0 million customers worldwide. It offers an easy to use relief that targets the point of pain in under a minute. Even better, it's drug free, works through clothing and doesn't need leads or pads. A minute's treatment is normally enough, but you can use Paingone as often as you need. It's a great way to treat several pain conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia or more general pains like back pain, joint pain or muscle pain.

Paingone is a portable hand held device that you can use anywhere and whenever you need it. We offer also a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can use Paingone for yourself without risk.

You can be confident that with leading NHS Pain Clinics recommending Paingone for years, it's both effective and safe. You can check the latest clinical trials for Paingone to make sure that Paingone is for you.

Does Paingone Pen really work?

Paingone Pen is placed directly on the area you wish to use it or, alternatively, an acupuncture point. By clicking the activating button results in the generation of electrical impulses that are transferred to the skin via the contact electrode. Pain relief is achieved via TENS therapy.

For Paingone Pen, you will need to click the handy green device for 30-40 times. A pulse of electrical impulses from quartz crystals inside stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's own natural painkillers.

How long does a Paingone Pen last?

Paingone pen lasts for 2 years, after that period of time you should buy another Paingone pen product to get the same effective pain treatment.

What is the difference between Paingone and Paingone plus?

Paingone pens are transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices that works with mild electrical current to provide pain relief in the area you desire. They are small and portabe units that you can use whenever you need it without side effects.

The Original Paingone pen is a manual pain relief device that you need to click 30-40 times in the pain area, 3-4 times a day to get the natural pain relief that Paqingone provide to your body. Using the Paingone on acupoints will stimulate the brain and encourage it to produce endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller. Paingone is powered by quartz crystals and designed to complement your current pain treatment plan. It will produce approximately 100,000 clicks without maintenance, ather that you will need to replace the product.

The new version of Paingone, Paingone Plus, is an automatic pain relief pen that you only need to clcik once and the impulses are delivered automatically as it is battery powered. Paingone plus is powered by a AAA battery and as such will not require replacing - just change the battery when necessary.

Paingone Pen Testimonials

Nearly 2.0 million people are already using Paingone pen to treat pain and the success of this pain treatment speaks for itself. At Tower Health, Paingone pen is one of our best seller products that have nearly 300 paingone reviews that have found an effective pain relief treatment thanks to Paingone. Here you can see some of them:

"This pain gone pen has helped my husbands tennis elbow, he has IBS and taking painkillers upsets his system but with the pain gone pen he doesn’t need to take painkiller tablets. I have a knee condition, I’m waiting for an MRI and was told to take painkillers but by using the pain gone pen I don’t need painkillers, I zap my knee as often as I need it’s a wonderful tool to have and fits in my pocket at work or my handbag, would and have recommended to other people." Debra Merrifield

"We have been buying these for a number of years now because my wife has arthritis. I think we have bought about 8 of these and she would not be without one. She has one at the side of the bed, one at the side of her chair in the living room and one in her handbag for when we go out. The fact that you can use it for pain relief through clothing makes it a very non-intrusive way of getting rid of the pain in an instant without having to take tablets which take a time to work." Alan Moverley

"Easy to use. Definitely relieved pain in my temple area. Use it on acupuncture points on my hands for ease of use. Slightly disappointed not to receive some sort of acupressure chart but as I am a trained reflexologist and aromatherapist it hasn't caused me a problem. Would definitely recommend" Julie Baron

"After using the pain gone pen i find myself not having to click as much as just click now 10 times at night and first thing in the morning, Wished i knew about this last time year as i was in chronic pain in my hips due to being diagnosed with arthritus in them and ended up with 8 weeks off work plus physio every 3 weeks until August this year, i would highly recommend this." Mrs Angelica Westwood

You can see more of our paingone testimonials at Paingone product page with verified truspilot reviews.

Paingone Product Range

We have already talk about the Paingone pens that Paingone offers, but Paingone have a full range of products to reach pain relief.

One of the latest product to join Paingone was Paingone Easy, a wireless tens machine that has been clinically proven to treat back pain. The lightweight adhesive pad can be placed wherever you feel pain and the gentle TENS therapy will quickly soothe and provide relief.

Paingone Range include pain relief gels like Freeze gela topical cooling gel used by thousands of customers and healthcare professionals, or Joint Plus gel, a glucosamine-rich gel to target joint pain and help with promoting supple joints and alleviating muscle pain thanks to it's soothing blend of glucosamine, eucalyptus and rosemary helps to cool the skin, reduce bruising and promote circulation.

Also, you can check our Paingone Nutriplex, an advanced food supplement for joint health. It specifically puts back into the body vital nutrients required to keep your joints strong and the immune system healthy.

You can find out more about Paingone product in our Paingone Range page where you will see all the information about all the pain relief products that Paingone offers.

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