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Standard 2-3 Day Delivery | Next Day Available

CBD Oil - More Information

CBD Oil what are the benefits?

In the European Union, there are laws concerning how we communicate information regarding medicinal treatments and products, therefore we are not able to make health claims for our high strength CBD oil even though the newspapers and online forums talk about the benefits at length. As it's new, we cannot reveal pertinent scientific research about CBD Oil either! However, there is tons of information out there and we are keen for you to look into CBD for yourself as it's an interesting subject and we think you'll be very impressed.

It is thought that cannabidiol may be influencing the central nervous system and much of the current scientific research discusses the potential of this compound for our wellbeing and health.

Cannabidiol (CBD), an active plant composite of both hemp and cannabis, is derived from the Cannabis sativa L. plant family. Tower Health's CBD is extracted from hemp flowers, these flowers and their extracts are perfectly natural, safe and, of course legal! The oil has no psychoactive effects or risk of addiction.

CBD Oil potency:

The potency of CBD oil is dependent upon how much CBD it comprises and is usually listed in 2 ways: As a percentage and by weight.

EG: 10% CBD - The oil contains 10% CBD. By weight: 1000mg CBD - There’s 1000mg of CBD in the oil, irrespective of how much oil is in the bottle. A larger bottle doesn’t mean more CBD. It’s an identical amount just diluted in more oil.

Tower Health CBD - your trusted source:

Completely THC free, our refined CBD oil 1000mg has no compounds that would be considered controlled.

Our supplier is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), working with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) plus the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Our Cannabis Sativa L. is grown under licence in Europe, the maximum THC is capped at 0.2%. 

It contains only high potency hemp, is fully compliant and permitted for use in food supplements,

It is tested and validated using state of the art chromatography equipment to separate, identify and quantify each cannabinoid at low levels (parts/million).

Our extraction procedures retain a full spectrum of plant chemicals and the only selective process is for the removal of THC and other unwanted compounds.

Our high strength CBD oil is oil soluble and mixed with natural oil to assist absorption into the body. What's more, our CBD oil 1000mg is perfectly legal and safe with no risk of addiction or psychoactive effects as its produced from an active compound in hemp or cannabis plants.