Night time, snoring, sleep

Night time, snoring, sleep

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Helping you with better sleep

If you struggle to get off to sleep, or, wake too early and spend the rest of the day tired and listless, then hopefully we can help. Our natural solutions also mean less reliance upon drugs and all their health implications.


Insomnia is when you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis. This can include difficulty in getting to sleep, waking up a lot throughout the night and waking up very early and not being able to go back to sleep. You may still have these issues even though you feel very tired. The key ways to solve insomnia are to maintain a good sleep routine—still going to bed and getting up early—and relaxation.

You could try relaxing for at least an hour before bed, avoiding screens if possible. Also try exercising during the day, cutting down on nicotine, alcohol and caffeine, and creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Keep it tidy and at a good temperature for sleeping, and try not to work or watch TV in your bedroom.

At Tower Health we have a range of products to help you sleep if you have insomnia or occasional trouble sleeping. Check out our natural pillow sprays, breathing aids and Microcurrent Electrical Therapy treatments to help you relax before bed. We also sell inulin, which was recently featured on the BBC, not only for its effect reducing visceral fat but also for its gut health promoting prebiotics which can improve your sleep.

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnoea, or OSA for short, is quite a common condition. It is where the throat relaxes and narrows when you are sleep and interrupts your breathing. It can block the influx of oxygen for 10 seconds or more, causing you to naturally wake up or enter into lighter sleep. This of course means that your sleep is disrupted as well, so people who have sleep apnoea can also be very tired during the day.

Many people – especially those affected by sleep apnoea – snore. Partners of people with OSA may also notice noisy and laboured breathing or sudden gasps and snorts. If snoring is causing a lack of sleep for both you and your partner, it can have a significant impact upon your overall health.

Things you can try yourself to improve the condition include stopping or cutting down on smoking and alcohol, and losing weight. If you are overweight you will have more fat around the neck, which contributes to the pressure being placed on the throat muscles and can aggravate the problem.

We have many solutions and treatments here at Tower Health to help prevent and treat snoring. This includes mouth guards and accessories, an anti-snoring mouth rinse, a nasal dilator clip and more. Have a look through our products to find the right solution to your snoring problem.

If you need any extra information about any of our products or would like some advice, then get in touch with our friendly team today on 0800 953 1666. We’ll be happy to help.

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