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Migraine Relief

1 in 7 people are affected by migraine pain in the UK. This results in almost 200,000 migraine attacks every single day. It’s the most prevalent neurological condition in the world and for many, a condition that they have to deal with on a recurring basis. At Tower Health, we stock a selection of migraine treatment options to relieve pain.

Natural Remedies for Migraines

In our range you’ll find natural migraine relief options such as MigraHerb migraine relief tablets that you can take daily if you’ve been diagnosed with migraines by your doctor.

Alternative Migraine Treatments

Those looking for an alternative to tablets and natural remedies may be open to trying TENS for migraine relief. Through acupuncture methods, you can use a TENS machine for migraine pain. One of our most popular products the Paingone Pen comes with an acupuncture guide which shows three main points on the hand to help treat headaches.

It is vital that you see a GP or a qualified pharmacist to get a proper diagnosis when you suspect you might be experiencing regular migraines. Especially when you encounter temporary vision loss or zigzag lines in your field of vision.

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