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Women's Sexual Health

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Women’s Intimate Health Products

We understand the importance of your sexual and intimate health while understanding that it may still be an uncomfortable subject for people to discuss. If you suspect that you’re having issues with your sexual health, you should always contact the relevant sexual health clinic or your GP to get a proper diagnosis of the issue that you’re dealing with.

At Tower Health, we stock a range of intimate health products that you can comfortably buy online such as thrush treatments and lubricants.

Pelvic Floor Trainers

If you struggle with incontinence or have lost the ability to carry out voluntary pelvic floor exercises, then a product such as a pelvic floor exerciser can help. Pelvic floor trainers can help strengthen the muscles around your bladder, bottom and vagina. An onset of incontinence is entirely normal after having given birth, but these muscles can be strengthened to stop incontinence and even improve your sex life.

At Tower Health we stock a number of pelvic floor exercisers that can be used discreetly in your own home. Using one of these devices for just 15 minutes a day that utilises the power of gentle electrotherapy to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles into functioning properly again can start to yield improvements.

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