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Poor Hearing

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Hearing Aids & Ear Sprays

It’s important that we all look after our hearing any way that we can. However, if you suffer from poor hearing or hearing loss, there are options out there to help manage this.

Ear Wax Removal Spray

A common cause of hearing issues or poor ear health could be a build-up of ear wax. A product such as Otosan Ear Spray can help with clearing up ear wax at home. Otosan is an organic, natural ear cleaner that can help with the important process of maintaining good ear health and hygiene.

Hidden Hearing Aids

Those suffering from hearing loss may look to hearing aids to help improve their hearing ability. At Tower Health we stock a range of discreet, small hearing aids available to purchase online for home delivery at an affordable price. These low-cost hidden hearing aids perform well against more expensive models, working to amplify sound to give you a better chance of hearing.

Ear Health

Much like with your eye health, it’s important to keep to regular hearing checks to ensure that permanent damage isn’t being done to your hearing. Your optician or hearing specialist will be able to advise on any lifestyle changes that you may need to make to ensure your condition doesn’t worsen.

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