Hearing & eye treatments

Hearing & eye treatments

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Hearing & Eye Treatments

Our eyes and ears let us experience the world, so it’s important to try and keep them healthy. We have a range of products to help treat and prevent ear and eye problems.

Eye care

Unfortunately, factors such as illness and exposure to sunlight can damage our eyes and, consequently, our eyesight. The eye products we sell here at Tower Health help to effectively protect against these factors.

Retiplus supplements

If you have diabetes, you may also suffer from an eye condition called diabetic retinopathy. This is caused by high blood sugar levels inflicting damage on the small blood vessels at the retina, in the back of the eye. It usually develops slowly, but if left untreated it can result in blindness.

Retiplus eye care supplement contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Rutin, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. When taken regularly, Retiplus eye care supplements could help to restore clearer vision in people experiencing sight issues.


The UV rays given off by the sun are harmful to both our skin and our eyes. If our eyes are exposed to too many UV rays, we can end up developing cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems. That’s why it’s really important to wear sunglasses with proper UV protection.

Here at Tower Health we offer a special range of Opticaid sunglasses that offer full UV protection – even at the sides. We also have various different styles and colours available so you can pick a pair to suit your personal taste.

Ear treatments

Hearing problems can develop in particular as we age. Luckily, thanks to modern technology there is now a range of devices on the market to help improve hearing and treat hearing-related problems.


We offer a couple of different hearing aids here at Tower Health. Firstly we have the Rechargable Digital Hearing Aid. This is much more effective than an analogue hearing aid and can be recharged so that you don’t have the hassle and expense of changing the batteries on a regular basis.

We also sell the Discreet Mini Hearing Aid for those who want a subtle and inconspicuous sound amplifier. It is discreet and offers great sound whilst also boasting fantastic value.


Tinnitus is a condition where you can hear sounds that aren’t caused by an external source. It usually takes the form of ringing, buzzing or throbbing. It has various different causes, which cannot always be identified, but may include stress, sudden hearing loss, other health conditions or medication.

The Tinnitool uses laser technology to help with the treatment of tinnitus. The tool’s laser beam penetrates into the ear to reach the subcutaneous layers to regenerate damages hearing cells that may be contributing to tinnitus.

Ear spray

Another problem that can affect your hearing is wax build up. This can be avoided by keeping your ears clean. We sell Otosan Ear Spray, which serves just this purpose. Using natural, organic plant extracts, the spray helps to gently remove and reduce earwax and keep the ears nice and clean. This can help avoid excessive wax build up that may result in the need for syringing at the doctor’s.

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