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Sleep Apnoea -  causes sufferes to temporarily stop breathing during sleep What is sleep apnoea? 

Sleep apnoea is a condition which causes sufferers to temporarily stop breathing during sleep. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnoea which is caused by a lack of muscle tone in the upper airway which causes the airway to collapse and obstruct breathing. Where this happens for 10 seconds or more it is called an apnoea. More rarely sleep apnoea is caused by the brain "forgetting" to tell you to breath and this is known as central sleep apnoea.

What (and who) does this affect?
Sufferers don't usually notice a feeling of breathlessness, but the apnoea causes them to be awakened from deep sleep either into lighter sleep or a period of wakefulness. As this can happen many times during the space of a night it prevents them from getting a good night's sleep with sufficient deep sleep to be fully refreshed. This can lead to:

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