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Poor Circulation

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Improve Circulation

The circulation system in your body is responsible for moving blood, oxygen and nutrients around your body. When the level of this movement is reduced, it is known as poor circulation. Poor circulation will more often occur in your extremities such as your arms and legs.

Poor circulation itself isn’t a condition but rather a symptom of other health issues and you should always seek the advice of your doctor before trying to treat the issue yourself. However, if you need help to improve circulation in your legs, or improve circulation in your feet then at Tower Health you’ll find a number of options that can help.

Boost Your Circulation

While it is important to treat the health condition that is causing poor circulation, one way to improve blood circulation is with a blood circulation machine.

At Tower Health we stock Circulation Maxx which is a neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy device that can help boost blood circulation and increase blood flow from the comfort of your own home.

Vitamins for Circulation

In our range you’ll also find a range of essential vitamins and supplements that can aid overall health such as Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin B12.

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