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Foot Odour

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Foot Odour Treatment

Most people have experienced smelly feet at some point. Feet can get particularly smelly during hot weather or when you’ve been doing exercise. However, some people can also find that they are particularly prone to smelly feet.

For example, teenagers and pregnant women are more likely to have smelly feet, because hormonal changes make them sweat more than the average person does. Some people also have a medical condition that means that they sweat more.

What causes foot odour?

Foot odour is usually caused when you wear the same pair of shoes more than once in a row and the sweat from the previous day has not dried out. The horrible smell our feet sometimes gives off is caused by bacteria on our feet breaking down sweat. Bacteria thrives in dark, warm and moist conditions.

So if you sweat a lot so that it soaks into your shoes and then wear them the next day before they have dried out, there is lots of sweat for bacteria to break down and the perfect conditions for the bacteria to work in.

How to stop and prevent feet from smelling

Keeping your feet clean and dry is key to making sure that they don’t smell. Wash your feet well with soap once a day, or as often as possible, and dry them fully afterwards. You should also change your socks at least once a day, and refrain from wearing the same shoes two days in a row. Mix it up and change your shoes round so that your shoes are always fully dry when you put them on. Also try to wear canvas or leather shoes over plastic ones, as these materials are more breathable.

The Non-Elastic, Breathable Socks from Tower Health are a great option for preventing foot odour. They are made from a special breathable material to keep your feet nice and fresh. These medical socks are enriched with sea algae and silver ions, for a mixture of antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.

The sea algae contains vitamins and minerals from the sea, which nourish and protect your feet when you wear the socks. The silver ions reduce the bacteria on your feet, which in turn lowers the levels of foot odour. You can also try our Cinnamon Insoles, which use ayurvedic medicine alongside antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to fight foot odour.

Foot maintenance is also key for preventing foot odour. Foot conditions such as athlete’s foot can also cause your feet to smell, so keeping on top of these conditions is important. Keeping your feet clean and dry, as mentioned above, will help to improve athlete’s foot anyway. You should also keep your toe nails trimmed and remove hard skin.

When your feet are sweaty, hard skin can become soggy, and is the ideal place for bacteria to thrive. To prevent the build-up of dry skin, you should moisturise your feet regularly with foot cream. Pedosan Foot Cream from Tower Health has been specially formulated to care for the feet. It contains natural plant extracts that keep skin soft and nourished, replenishing and reviving dry, hard skin.

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