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Flat Feet

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Insoles for Flat Feet

Most people have arches on the bottom of their feet, where the bottom of the foot curves upwards on the inner side. Some people, however, never develop these arches. Their feet remain flat, with practically the whole bottom of the foot touching the floor. This condition is either referred to as “flat feet” or “fallen arches”. Although for some people this never presents any problems, for others it can have troublesome symptoms.

Flat Feet Treatment

Insoles for flat feet are a great, fast-acting way to alleviate pain caused by flat feet. Wearing specially-designed insoles can help to support your flat feet and make walking more comfortable. Luxis luxury insoles have a built-in, cushioned metatarsal support pad to provide additional support to the area where it’s needed: the feet’s metatarsal bones. If you have flat feet or general foot pain, then it’s certainly worth trying out an insole such as Luxis Insoles.

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