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Foot Cream for Dry Skin

Dry skin on the feet can be especially problematic, particularly on the heel area, as it can build up and become hard, causing painful cracked heels. Not only can this be really sore and uncomfortable, but some people with cracked heels also feel that they look unsightly and become embarrassed.

Dry skin on the feet can also form corns and calluses if left untreated. Corns in particular can prove rather painful.

Keeping Your Feet Moisturised

Due to foot skin being naturally drier, moisturising your feet regularly is a must, both as a treatment and as a preventative measure. Pedosan Foot Cream is specially formulated for the feet, to keep skin nourished and moisturised. The cream contains natural herbal extracts such as camomile, cinnamon, mallow and arnica to effectively combat dry and hard skin and calluses. It also helps to heal cracked skin and is soothing on sensitive areas of the foot. Pedosan has a refreshing and reviving effect to get your feet in top-top condition.

What Causes Dry Skin on the Feet?

The feet are naturally more prone to developing dry skin, because they contain fewer sweat glands than other areas of the body, so are prone to drying out. Because the skin is less elastic, it is more likely to crack. This can be incredibly sore, especially if you have to walk or be on your feet a lot.

The natural drying tendencies of the skin on our feet can also be exacerbated by other factors. For example, deficiency in various vitamins and minerals can lead to poor skin health, which in turn can mean the formation of dry skin.

The amount of pressure placed on your feet can also make a difference. Spending a lot of time on your feet can place additional stress on your foot skin. It can also cause the fatty pad on the bottom of your heel to expand to the sides, potentially causing cracked heels. Likewise, if you are overweight or obese, the skin on your feet will be under even more pressure.

Keeping your feet clean and dry is really important. If your feet aren’t clean then they are more likely to become cracked and irritated. You should also avoid spending too much time standing in wet areas. Water removes the skin’s natural oils and can make dry skin worse.

The footwear you choose can make a big difference too. Ill-fitting shoes can rub against your feet and cause a build-up of hard skin and calluses. Also, sandals allow the fatty pad to your heel to expand, leading to increased pressure and potential cracking of the heels.

And then there are unavoidable factors, such as age and genetics. Some people are naturally more prone to developing dry skin and calluses on their feet due to their genetics. And we become more prone to this as we get older, too. Skin becomes less elastic with age, making it more likely to dry out and crack. On top of this, you may have conditions such as eczema and psoriasis which cause dry skin and can affect the feet too.

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