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Cramp Treatment

Leg and foot cramps are a common problem. They are pains caused by the muscles in these areas tightening and spasming. Cramps can be caused by a variety of things, some common causes include exercise placing too much strain on muscles, ageing, pregnancy, dehydration and certain types of medication.

Cramp Solutions from Tower Health

We have a range of different solutions to help prevent and treat cramps. The produwe stock are specifically for those who suffer from cramp due to poor circulation.

At Tower Health we have a range of pain relief creams that could help. Fisiocrem Solugel muscle rub is a natural and powerful formulation for use on all tense, contracted areas, the neck, shoulders, knees, back and more.

Another option would be the Veinoplus VI, one of a number of TENS Machines available at Tower Health, this electrical therapy device is applied to the calf muscles and is designed to relieve pain experienced in the legs. If you are suffering from circulation issues, then head to our improve blood circulation category for more products to help with this issue.

Would you like some more information about which products would be best for you or how our medical devices work? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team – we will be happy to help. Call 0808 167 7515 or use our live online chat today for friendly and professional advice.

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