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Treatment For Cramps

Leg and foot cramps are a common problem. They are pains caused by the muscles in these areas tightening and spasming.

What Causes Cramps?

Cramps can be caused by a variety of things, although sometimes the cause is unknown. Some common causes include exercise placing too much strain on muscles, aging, pregnancy, dehydration and certain types of medication.

How Do You Know It’s a Cramp?

When a muscle cramps, you will feel a sudden sharp and intense pain in that area. This can last anywhere from a few seconds to ten minutes. Cramps occur most commonly in the calf muscles. Once the cramp is over, the muscle may also be tender for up to 24 hours.

How to Combat Cramps?

Although it probably won’t fully prevent cramps, carrying out regular calf stretches can help to reduce calf cramps.

When experiencing a cramp, stretching the muscle and massaging it can help to relieve pain.

Cramp Solutions from Tower Health

We have a range of different solutions to help prevent and treat cramps. As cramps can be linked to poor circulation, our offerings include products to help improve circulation.

Muscle pain relief creams

At Tower Health we have a range of pain relief creams that could help you prevent and relief from cramps. Fisiocrem Solugel muscle rub is a natural and powerful formulation for use on all tense, contracted areas, the neck, shoulders, knees, back and so much more!

In addition, we offer Freeze Cooling Gel a topical cooling gel used by thousands of customers and healthcare professionals to relive muscle pain.

Comfy Socks

The Comfy Socks from Tower Health are compression socks that go up to just below the knee and aid circulation in the lower legs. They are also copper bonded for additional performance. By improving circulation in the legs they can also help to prevent cramps.

Leg Raising Comfort and Circulation Wedge

If you suffer from cramps in your legs or feet, this special inflatable cushion can provide comfort, as well as improving your overall circulation. The ergonomic design is specially conceived for the feet and legs.

NEMS & TENS Machine Veino Plus VI

This electrical therapy device is applied to the calf muscles and is designed to relieve pain experienced in the legs. This classified medical device also boosts circulation and reduce the likeliness of developing deep vein thrombosis. Veino Plus VI is easy to use and the treatment can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Circulation Maxx for Circulation Problems

This is another one of our best selling products for circulation. Also a classified medical device, this product also uses electrical stimulation therapy, but this time through the soles of your feet. Circulation maxx helps to alleviate aches and pains and combats the circulation issues that can lead to cramps.

Luxis Insoles

Our Luxis shock-absorbing insoles are luxury insoles that provide ultimate comfort when walking. They also help to improve your posture and redistribute your weight. They are perfect for sensitive feet, for example if your foot muscles are feeling tender as a result of cramps. The high quality materials they are made from mean that they shape to your feet for the perfect fit.

Would you like some more information about which products would be best for you or how our medical devices work? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team – we will be happy to help. Call 0800 953 1666 or use our live online chat today for friendly and professional advice.

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