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Corn Treatment

Corns are small circles of hard skin that appear on the feet and can become quite painful over time. The concentrated areas of hard skin that are a result of rubbing or pressure on certain points of the foot. At Tower Health we stock a range of products to help alleviate pain from corns and corn treatment options.

One solution is to keep the skin on the foot soft and supple using a foot cream to moisturise regularly. However, if you’re already suffering from corns you may need to look at other options such as filing down the hard skin.

Insoles for Corns

Another recommended treatment for corns is wearing soft insoles. They cannot get rid of corns that you already have, but they can alleviate some of the pain that they cause and prevent them from getting any worse. The Luxis insoles from Tower Health are perfect for people suffering from corns.

A corn is often a symptom of another problem, so you cannot eradicate a foot corn unless you solve the root cause, for example, shoes that don’t fit properly. A doctor or podiatrist can advise you about what may be causing your corns and how to deal with it.

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