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Callus Treatment

Calluses are areas of hard, rough skin that often appear yellowish in colour. Although they can form on hands and other areas, for example, if you carry out manual labour with your hands, they occur most commonly on the feet.

Calluses on the feet are often caused by your feet rubbing on your shoes. This may be due to ill-fitting shoes, or you may walk in a way that puts pressure on certain parts of the feet and causes them to rub.

For example, calluses on the ball of the foot are very common, as most people put lots of pressure on the ball of their foot when walking. You can also develop calluses from walking barefoot, again if you are putting extra pressure on a particular area of the foot. Athletes are particularly prone to foot calluses.

Other things that can cause calluses are dry skin or reduced fatty padding on the feet. Elderly people for example, have less of this fatty padding and often form calluses.

Foot Cream

Using a specialised moisturiser for the feet helps to prevent and treat calluses. Pedosan Foot Cream is perfect for use on feet with calluses, helping to nourish and soften distressed, hard skin.

The cream is made with 100% natural, herbal ingredients, including camomile, arnica, cinnamon and mallow. When applied daily it can get your feet back to looking and feeling soft and supple.

Insoles for Calluses

Luxis Insoles are luxury insoles made from sheep’s leather, which offer ultimate comfort for those suffering with calluses, corns or bunions. Their shock-absorbing qualities protect the feet from added pressure and impact and help to alleviate foot pain.

Over time they also shape to your feet, for an individualised perfect fit. An added bonus is that they help to improve your posture and redistribute your weight, which can help to correct any imbalances when walking that may cause calluses to form. Light and breathable, they make a great addition to any shoe.

How to Prevent Calluses

Calluses can be caused by an imbalance in how you walk. A podiatrist can do an analysis and help you identify what any underlying problems might be.

Firstly, you should wear shoes that fit well, are comfortable, and are big enough that they do not rub or pinch the feet.

In addition, you can use pumice stones or foot files on calluses to remove some of the outer layers of dead, hard skin and foot cream to help soften tough areas.

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