Canesten Oral Capsule - 150mg

Canesten Oral Capsule - 150mg

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Choose Canestan to Rid Yourself of Life's Little Irritations

Thrush is a really common infection caused by yeast organisms that normally live in your gut and vagina.  These candida organisms are usually kept in check by your good bacteria and immune system.  From time to time though these organisms start to multiply faster than normal in your vagina, causing a thrush infection.  This can mean itching, irritation and soreness plus a whitish discharge and pain during sex.

Canestan have developed a range of treatments to help stop these symptoms, restore the pH balance in your vagina and get rid of this irritating infection.

Clear Thrush Quickly with Canestan Combination Treatments

To help treat your thrush effectively you can choose from a range of treatments – internal and external creams to give you instant relief and get to work down below, and oral treatments to get to work from inside.  You can choose which suits you best, including a combination of treatments.

Canestan oral capsules are an effective one-off treatment.  Just a single dose can start working to clear up your infection.  And if you've passed it to your partner, he can take a capsule too.

The external Canestan cream rapidly cools the burning and itching, giving you some instant relief.  Simply apply thinly over the irritated area until the symptoms go.  For internal relief, choose the soft gel pessary which is inserted into the vagina using the applicator provided, working right at the site of the infection.

Canestan treatments are suitable for adults over 16.  It's recommended to consult your doctor if this is the first time you have suffered from thrush, you are pregnant or you have suffered repeated thrush in the last 6 months.  Canestan pills contain Fluconazole and creams contain Clotrimazole

Get Fast & Effective Relief with Canestan.  Range now available from Tower Health. 

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There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

Product Features

  • Oral thrush treatment
  • Effective one-off treatment
  • Single dose to clear up infection

Product Details

Canestan are probably the best known brand for helping to clear up thrush and other intimate female infections.  Part of the Bayer company who have been using science for over 150 years to help make life better.  Canestan products can quickly help you feel like yourself again.

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