Oil 10ml 300mg strength

Oil 10ml 300mg strength

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C8D Oil – why it’s in the news?

Our CBD Oil is extracted from natural flowers, which have no psychoactive effects are perfectly legal and safe to take, with no risk of addiction.

It is believed C8D Oil acts on elements of our central nervous system and much of the current scientific research focuses on the benefits this non-intoxicating compound can have on our wellbeing.

Fortunately, our industry is well regulated, and we abide by the legislation that means we are not able to make health claims for C8D Oil at present. C8D is new to the UK, so we cannot reveal relevant scientific research either. We do though, encourage you to research C8D for yourself; there’s plenty of information out there about why this product is selling so well


Directions: Remove lid, place the tip of the bottle under your tongue and push the button on the base of the bottle to release a drop. Leave the oil under your tongue for 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing. This allows C8D to be absorbed effectively.

Dosage: Up to 6 drops per day, we recommend a lower dose to start and increasing until you find the level you prefer. Each drop contains approximately 1.25mg C8D.


C8D Oil - The Potency:

The potency of the C8D oil depends on how much C8D it contains and is commonly (and perhaps confusingly) listed in two different ways: As a percentage and by weight.

For example: 10% C8D - The oil contains 10% C8D. By weight: 1000mg C8D - There’s 1000mg of C8D in the oil, regardless of how much oil is in the bottle. A larger bottle doesn’t mean more C8D. It’s the same amount just diluted in more oil.


Only trust the best

Our key plants are grown under licence in Europe, and contains 0% THC. 

Uses only high potency oil, is 100% compliant and permitted for use in food supplements,

It is tested and validated using state of the art chromatography equipment to separate, identify and quantify each cannabinoid at low levels (parts/million).

Our refined oils are completely free from any psychoactive effects & have no compounds that would be considered controlled.

Our extraction methods are designed to retain a full spectrum of plant chemicals and the only selective process is for the removal of the physchoactive compound. 

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

Product Features

  • Quick & Easy to use with an ‘easy-dropper’
  • Organically sourced CBD infused in 10ml hemp oil & peppermint flavour
  • Up to 2 months supply
  • Free from all artificial additives, sweeteners and preservatives
  • Gluten Free, Lactose & Soy Free, Non-GMO, suitable for Vegans

Product Details

C8D is an active compound of natural plants, which have no psychoactive effects, are perfectly legal and safe to take. Moreover, there is no risk of addiction. Our C8D is oil soluble and our version is mixed with natural oil to aid optimum absorption into the body.

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