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Medosan Boswellia Cream 100ml

Medosan Boswellia Cream 100ml

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Boswellia Incense Cream for Muscle and Joint Soreness

Boswellia Joint Pain cream is a soothing natural cream specifically designed to target the painful symptoms of arthritis. Based on wonderfully rich Boswellia incense, the product encourages flexible and pain free joints whilst providing a calming fragrance.

An ideal natural remedy for those who suffer from arthritis, back pain or general muscle tightness, Medosan Boswellia incense cream is inspired by an ancient recipe from Buddhist monks.

Containing valuable extracts of Boswellia serrata incense from India, the balm has been clinically proven to reduce joint swelling and pain as well as increasing suppleness. Simply smooth the wonderfully fragrant balm over painful areas to feel its pain-relieving effects. Now available in a 100ml pot.

Product Features

-       Natural alternative to traditional pain relief

-       Suitable for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 

-       Clinically proven to reduce joint swelling and pain

-       Massaging the balm can improve blood supply to inflamed joints

-       Pleasant fragrance

-       Easy-to-apply cream

-       Save more money the more you buy!

Directions for Use

·       Simply rub the balm into the affected area

·       Apply as often as necessary

·       Feel its powerful pain-relieving effects

·       Enjoy the soothing fragrance 

Boswellia for Arthritis

A report for a medical journal concluded that Boswellia could be an effective treatment for arthritis sufferers after a study of 30 people resulted in decreased in knee pain for all participants. Participants also reported an increase in knee flexion and walking ability after using Boswellia.

Other studies conducted since have demonstrated similar results, Osteoarthritis patients in a 90 day experiment reported a significant reduction in knee pain whilst using a Boswellia-based product compared to a lesser dosage and placebo. It also helped reduce the levels of a cartilage-degrading enzyme.

Boswellia could interfere with and decrease the effects of prescribed anti-inflammatory medications. If you are already taking medication to treat inflammation, contact your GP before use.


“Recently I have been having some problems with one of my knees. This is the only product that actually works. Not only it diminishes the pain fast, but it makes it better for many hours afterward. Another good thing is that it doesn't stain. It's absorbed very quickly and it leaves the skin just as it was before application, not greasy and not sticky. Highly recommended!”

“I love this product its easy to use and absorbs very fast, it helps with my lower back stiffness from arthritis of the spine, before I started to use this I had very bad pain and stiffness on waking but now this has improved by at least 80% so I will recommend this Balm.”

“This is an excellent balm, and very soothing- although I don't like the smell much- it is quite off-putting. This can be disguised by using something like tiger balm over the top. I chose to blend it with some body cream, adding a few drops of rosemary and lavender oil, which helps a bit.”

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

There isn't a product description for this option. Check back soon.

Product Features

  • Natural pain relief for arthritis, back pain, and morning stiffness
  • Clinically proven to reduce joint swelling and pain
  • Natural anti-inflammatory cream
  • Improved blood supply to inflamed joints and increased mobility
  • Enjoy the soothing menthol fragrance

Product Details

Natural pain relief balm for joint pain

A soothing natural balm for arthritis, back pain or morning stiffness. Encourages flexible and pain free joints. Soothing natural effect based on wonderfully rich and fragrant incense. 100ml pot.

Also available Medosan Boswellia Capsules , a natural remedy for joint pain specifically designed to target the painful symptoms of arthritis.

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