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WE'RE HERE TO HELP. CALL 0800 774 70 90

PainGone Pen Review

Paingone Pen Reviews

What is the PainGone Pen?
The PainGone Pen is a small device which works in much the same way a TENS device does, however this product needs no attachments or batteries so you can carry it everywhere. 

The device transmits electrical impulses which release endorphins to the affected area, temporarily alleviating the pain. The Pen helps with a large number of types of pain including back pain, arthritis, lumbago and aching muscles. 

Does it work?
Yes! Here’s what some previous users have had to say about the PainGone Pen:

‘I tried the pen as soon as it arrived and could not believe how quick it worked’ 

‘The pen goes everywhere with me, thank you so much’ 

‘I never thought that it would work like it does’   

How do I use it?  
1)      The PainGone Pen is immediately ready upon use.

2)      Hold the pen as you would a normal pencil.

3)      Apply to the sore area and click the button around 40 times.

4)      Instant pain relief is yours!

5)      Product can be used over 100,000 times without maintenance.

Where can I buy it? 

Right here! Visit us and buy the PainGone pen for just £34.95.

For more information please contact us on 0844 243 9000



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