World COPD Day 2014

When is it?

World Diabetes Day 2014

World COPD Day annually runs on the 19th of November

What is it all about?

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This is a long-term lung condition in which the air passages (the bronchi) are inflamed. As a result they become narrowed causing the air flow to and from the lungs to gradually decrease (also referred to as airflow obstruction). This makes it harder for you to breathe.

A few facts and figures about COPD

  • 1 million people in the UK are affected by COPD which causes 25,000 deaths annually, 4,000 of those deaths are estimated to be work-related.
  • 3 million people worldwide die from COPD each year.
  • COPD develops slowly and is likely to occur later on in life, most people diagnosed with COPD are often over 40.
  • Although it used to be more common in men, women who smoke in high income countries have an increased risk of developing COPD.

What’s the aim of World COPD Day?

Created by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, World COPD Day aims to raise awareness and improve care for the disease throughout the world. Educational events and activities are initiated by more than 50 countries worldwide!

As the theme for this year is “It’s Not Too Late”, today is the day to start building awareness and highlight information available to help you move forward and participate in life to the fullest. So where do we start?

What are COPD risk factors?

  • Tobacco smoke is a contributing factor in developing COPD.
  • Dust and chemical exposure in the workplace from various industrial sectors can contribute to COPD.
  • Indoor air pollution – from dust mites, smoking and from the usage of solid fuel for cooking and heating.
  • Outdoor air pollution – those who live in built up areas have an increased risk from transport fumes.
  • Prior respiratory troubles dating from childhood.

What are the symptoms of COPD?

  • Breathlessness
  • Chronic cough with sputum (excessive mucus and saliva produced in the airways)
  • Wheezing
  • Frequent chest infections

How to look after your health whilst suffering with COPD?

  • If you’re a smoker, quitting smoking will probably serve as the most effective treatment.
  • If you’re a non-smoker, try to avoid smoky environments, passive smoking exposure can cause harm even if you are not an actual smoker.
  • Help maintain a solid and stable immune system by including a healthy diet. As part of your daily routine a healthy diet can help to prevent your COPD symptoms from worsening.
  • Participating in regular physical activity, can improve the functioning of your muscles as well as your breathing.
  • Be aware of polluted environments. This way you can protect your lungs from inhaling irritating chemicals and dust.

What Tower Health products are available in helping to reduce symptoms of COPD?

Although the available treatments cannot cure COPD, they can reduce the symptoms. Salitair  - Tower Health’s leading Salt Pipe Therapy might be what you need if you suffer from COPD colds, asthma, allergies, hayfever, rhinitis, emphysema or bronchitis. The 100% natural salt pipe therapy offers an alternative treatment to those typically recommended for chronic respiratory troubles such as steroid treatments. Watch Dr.Chris Steele’s review on Salitair from ITV’s This Morning Show to see the benefits of salt inhalation therapy. Buy Salitair today for only £19.95! 


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