The WiTouch Pro

What is the WiTouch Pro?
The WiTouch Pro utilises TENS technology in order to reduce back pain.

TENS technology sends low voltage electrical impulses through nerve fibres which blocks pain signals. The brain then releases endorphins to the affected area, soothing pain almost immediately.

 This product is the first wireless TENS product on the market, allowing you to reduce back pain whilst going on with your daily life. Tired of struggling with everyday chores because of back pain? If so, the WiTouch Pro is the product for you.

Does it work? 

Every single one of our WiTouch reviews have been five stars, so it must do!

Let’s see what our previous customers have said about the WiTouch Pro:

‘After years of lifting and carrying my back would play up most nights and could keep me awake for hours. Now I get in from work use the Witouch. Since buying it I've slept so much better.’

‘I suffer with sciatica when I saw this devise I was amazed from the information, having purchased the product less than 14 days ago I am no longer in pain! ‘

‘I have been using it for a week or two I would have paid twice the price.

How do I use it?

  1. Ensure the device is has working batteries and is on.

  2. Apply the device to your back, focussing on the area where there is most discomfort.

  3. Use the remote to activate the device.

  4. Spend the rest of the day comfort free!

Where can I buy it? 

Right here! Visit us and buy the WiTouch Pro for just £99.95.

For more information please contact us on 0844 243 9000


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