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The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

With Winter just around the corner, it has never been more important to be prepared. With the Weather man reporting that it could be Britain's coldest Halloween for a long, long time, Tower Health want to make sure you are able to deal with the aches and pains that you may be suffering! Here is a look at just some of our key winter products (and people's real experiences) which will help you to feel a lot better in the season! Whether it is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), migraines or arthritis, these people have left us glowing reviews. We've also left you some handy pictures and information about where you might be aching, and if you recognise these areas, one of these products will help you!

The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

1. Paingone Pen

One customer had this to say on Tower Health's Trust Pilot reviews, and this highlights just how important it is to have a health product that works for arthritis pain. Here is what they had to say about the Tower Health Paingone pen product. "For me this pen is excellent....... I use it on my thumbs, knees and my hips, and being able to walk properly is amazing. With the money back no quibble, it is worth trying. For me, I'm so glad I have this pain and take it everywhere with me." See just how affective it can be? The Paingone pen is ideal for people suffering from joint pain, especially in the winter. Try it out for yourself and don't forget to let us know how you feel! Have a look at the pictures dotted around this article to see how we can help. 

The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

2. Dust Mite Controller - Dealing with allergies in the winter months

The Dust Mite Controller works like a dream for people who are suffering in the winter due to the buildup in dust mites. Being driven inside by the colder weather means there is essentially going to be a build up of dust and other related allerges like mould spores in your home. But how does a dust mite controller work? Check this out from one of our amazing customers who left this review on Tower Health's dust mite controller... "Strangely enough they do actually work. Too many times I buy products that don't work, but these do for me. I don't have a fit of sneezing in the morning when I'm getting up, like I used to or when I am taking clothes out of my wardrobe that I haven't worn for some time. I don't know how they work. There is no sound from them, just a blue light that lets you know that they are switched on. I will be buying some more and putting one in each room in the house as it has helped with my dust allergies." - Wow. Think you may have an allergy to dust? Check out the dust mite controller for yourself

3. Beauty, Health and Skin Care

The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

A beauty treatment can work like a treat and is exactly what people are looking for when it comes to winter. As the weather gets colder, people's skin gets drier, causing occasional breakouts. No one likes skin blemishes and they often appear in winter. But can Tower Health help you? Yes! This product review left regarding skin care has helped a lot, and is proving popular with customers. Check this out from our Trust Pilot page: "It works a treat! I get the occasional breakout (even at my ripe old age!) but this product reallly gets on top of things - and quickly. Also, it doesn't dry my skin like other products can do. Would highly recommend." Fancy trying out some of our skin and beauty care range for yourself? Just follow this link and never look back! 

4. Back to the Paingone pen! 

The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

Yes yes yes, we know we've spoken about the Paingone pen already, but that's because it has helped so many people! There's also an incredible Paingone range, and we want you to see all of them. Here's another one which we couldn't wait to share with you: "This item is surprisingly good. The blurb about the pen attracted me and all the recommnedations were very appealing but the fact that it helps means everything. the pen is light, easy to transport, easy to use and it was available at a good price. The amount of pain that I was having in my arm/elbow has decreased significantly and this is me using to 2-3 times a day. I am very impressed." Yep, that's another amazing product review about a Tower Health product. Take a look for yourself here.  

5. Nutriplex supplements - Perfect for you

The 5 Most Important Acupuncture Points For Treating Back Pain

We'll start by outlining this review, and then we will let you make your own minds up. "If you want a product that really helps .... use it. Tastes great. I mix a bit with my smoothies each morning. I am so glad I found this product. Give it a chance for it really relieves my knee(s) pain." Well, if that doesn't entice you to try it, what will? Alongside our Paingone pen, the Nutriplex supplement is one of the most popular products in the winter, as many customers flock to leave their reviews on our Trust Pilot site. Tower Health believe this product can help you with your joint aches and pains. Don't just take our word for it though! 



For even greater pain relief, you could also consider using a paingone pen. Research shows that this hand held, portable Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device is excellent for administering non-invasive acupuncture treatment via the five points outlined above.

However, if your back is particularly weak, or if you are suffering with chronic back pain, please do not apply pressure to any of the acupuncture points described, yourself. Instead, you should consult an expert or a doctor for specialist advice.

At Tower Health, we offer a wide range of pain relief products for back pain, arthritis and many other painful conditions. To view our full range of expertly chosen pain relief treatments, please click here.

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