Body Temperature: Low vs High Temperature

Symptoms of Coronavirus in 2020 have caused us all to pay more attention to our temperature. A feverish high temperature was named as one of the main symptoms of Covid-19 and since then the general public had been searching the internet for the facts about body temperature that they needed to know. Here at tower Health we’re going to answer some of your common questions any concerns:

What is Normal Body Temperature?

Normal body temperature is different for everyone and your body temperature will vary throughout the day. Your body temperature can be affected by your lifestyle, how fit and active you are, it can be affected by age so there is no defined ‘normal’ body temperature. It is generally accepted that a normal temperature range for adults is between around 36C to 37C.

What is High Temperature?

High temperatures are usually the sign that something is wrong, while a number of things can cause a high temperature, it’s usually a symptom that your body is trying to fight something off such as an infection or illness.

High temperature is classed as anything over 38C and will often be referred to as a fever.

How to Check for High Temperature

  • Chest or back feel hotter than normal
  • Shivers or chills
  • Sweating
  • Flushed red skin

Of course the best way to check your temperature is with a thermometer.

Types of Thermometer

If you want to use a thermometer to take test your own body temperature, there are a number of different varieties available including:

Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are widely available from pharmacies and supermarkets, these are usually the common thermometers that you are used to and are taken in the mouth.

How to use a digital thermometer:

  • Ensure the tip is clean. Rinse with cold water and soap.
  • Put the tip of the thermometer under your tongue, toward the back of your mouth
  • Ensure your lips are closed
  • Wait for the finished signal (either a beep, or a flash depending on your thermometer)
  • Check the temperature reading

Infrared Thermometer

During 2020 you’ve likely seen infrared thermometers otherwise known as contactless thermometers used more and more due to the nature that they do not need to touch the potentially ill person to take a temperature reading. You simply stand back, point the thermometer to the person's forehead and wait for the temperature reading.

One thing to remember with IR (infrared) thermometers is that they do not only measure a dot on your forehead, they measure an area of space. The further away from the person that you stand, the larger that area will be. It’s worth standing close to get a more accurate reading.

Infrared thermometers are available to buy online directly from Tower Health.

Is a high temperature Coronavirus?

A high temperature of fever is one of the symptoms of Coronavirus, current advice recommends that if you have any of the common Covid-19 symptoms that you should avoid mixing with others and self isolate.

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