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For most of us, our hair is our crowning glory. Since we were small our hair had to be picture perfect for school photographs and a regular visit to the barber soon becomes a key feature in every young man’s life. Whether its an up do for a wedding, the perfectly neat bun for ballet class or stand out braids – all of us, male or female feel more confident when our hair is looking good. Unfortunately, there is much that conspires against this desire for perfect, glossy, thick hair.

What can harm my hair?

Big city pollution, hard water deposits and minerals, a build-up of chemical products and harsh treatment all can have a detrimental effect – even if the hair itself isn’t physically affected or damaged, these outside factors can make it look flatter and dull. Chemical treatments can raise the hair cuticle, as can back combing and tight elastic bands, this damage looks dull to the eye and makes the hair feel rough and brittle. Rough treatment can also cause split ends, this problem ruins a great hairstyle, making the hair look thin and straggly.

A review of your hair cleansing and styling products is also important, if your hair has damage due to build-up from product, hard water deposits and minerals, then regular washing with a specialist shampoo can help. The frequency with which you use a shampoo to remove build-up depends on how hard the water is that comes from shower, the amount of styling products you use and how your hair is looking. The combination in SuperMedo Hair Shampoo, Tonic and Supplement provides not only the cleansing power of a highly effective shampoo but also a tonic to improve scalp health and a supplement packed with ingredients that can improve thinning hair, this product is also completely natural for those of us who want to avoid further harsh chemicals.

Avoid shampoos or conditioners that contain sodium laurel or laureth sulfates, these ingredients can strip your hair of its natural protective oils and damage the skin of your scalp. If you find your face and neck are red or blotchy after shampooing and your scalp is sore or itchy, then it’s probably that you are reacting to sodium laurel or laureth sulfates, which are found in virtually every major shampoo brand. And don’t shampoo more than twice a week if possible. Shampooing too frequently can strip damaged hair and create brittleness. If your hair needs a pick-me-up, use a dry shampoo in between washings.

Genetic Factors

This is the most common type of hair loss or thinning for both men and women and results from an inherited predisposition of follicles to be sensitive to things like hormones, nutritional factors and stress levels. Follicles in susceptible areas slowly shrink and, over time, produce hairs of a thinner diameter and shorter length – this process may also be accompanied by additional hair shedding.

Reduced volume of hair is usually most noticeable on the crown, temples and just behind the hairline. The scalp will become more visible in these areas as the texture of the hair has become finer.

Alpecin and Regain contain clinically proven ingredients such as Minoxidil and Caffeine that are able to boost hair thickness and slow hair loss, by trying these products over a decent time period you can judge which has the best outcome for your particular hair problem.

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