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Posture Brace to Improve Posture

At Tower Health we have a range of products to help you achieve and maintain a good posture and sit and stand up straight:

Posture Medic is a posture brace device designed to help you adopt good posture by keeping your shoulders back. It can also be used to strengthen the muscles in your neck, back, and chest that are key for good posture. It can then also be worn around your back and shoulders to stabilise: helping keep your shoulders back and your spine correctly aligned.

Compression clothing

We also stock a range of compression clothing which can aid correct posture and gives your muscles additional support. We offer both long and short-sleeved tops that are made out of special compression fabric to improve circulation, control temperature, and relieve any strain on your back.

What is good posture?

One of the main focuses of good posture is the spine. The spine should always be straight and upright, whether you are sitting or standing so that no strain is placed on the back muscles. Your shoulders should also be back, and your weight evenly distributed across both sides of your body. With good posture, you are less likely to incur injuries, as your connective tissue will be stronger, and you will be able to breathe more easily, as there is no pressure on the lungs.

What is bad posture?

There are a variety of different positions that can constitute bad posture. Here are a few examples:

  • A hunched back - Hunching over a keyboard or mobile phone places strain on your neck and the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Over time your back may also become naturally rounded, which can cause back pain and stiffness.
  • Slouching - Slouching in a chair may feel more comfortable than sitting upright, but it places strain on back muscles and tissue.
  • Leaning on one leg - Leaning on one leg whilst standing is bad posture because it places extra pressure on one hip and one side of your lower back.
  • Standing with a flat back - When people talk about your back being straight and upright for good posture, this means that it should not lean from side to side or be overly curved. However, the spine has a natural curve, and standing with a completely flat back means that your pelvis is tilted and your head and neck lean forwards, which can lead to muscle strain.

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