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Headlice Products, Effectively Treat Headlice

Headlice are tiny insects that live on the human head, laying eggs and feeding on blood from the scalp. They can therefore cause the head to become very itchy and uncomfortable. You can tell if you have headlice, because you will able to see them crawling around the scalp. You can also see the eggs. You may have heard the term “nits”: this is actually the name of headlouse eggs that are now empty.

How do you get headlice?

The only way to catch headlice is from someone else who already has them—for example by touching heads or sharing a hairbrush. They are particularly common at primary schools, as they tend to spread quickly from child to child. To prevent getting headlice, you should avoid physical head-to-head contact etc. with others who already have them.

How do you treat headlice?

You can remove headlice by combing them out carefully and diligently with a special fine-toothed comb. We sell the What Nits! Head Lice Comb, which is specifically designed to effectively remove headlice and nits, as well as detangling hair. As children’s hair can easily become very tangled, we would recommend applying lots of conditioner before combing it through, to enable the comb to go through the hair without pulling. We recommend the What Nits Leave In Detangling Conditioner. You can leave it in when you’re done as well, meaning there is no need to wash the hair through again!

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