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Respiratory Health

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Respiratory Devices and Treatment

Here at Tower Health we have different products available to help relieve breathing problems caused by issues such as cold, flu and rhinitis, we have many natural remedy options available. Our Respiratory Problems Treatment can help whether your breathing issues are caused by allergy or virus.


Decongestants are a great way to clear airways and help you breathe normally again. One of the most popular decongestants is Olbas oil. Olbas Oil is a natural solution made from plant essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, cajeput, juniper and clove, it helps to unblock your nose if you are suffering from a cold or rhinitis. Other decongestants stocked at Tower Health include Sudafed and Vicks as well as a range of pillow sprays to help you breathe easier.

Salt Inhalers

The Salitair Easy Breath Salt Pipe is another natural solution to aid breathing, and is also a classified medical device. With the Salitair pipe, you inhale natural salt crystals which help to calm the airways and relieve the troublesome symptoms of colds, rhinitis, allergies and other breathing issues. It’s drug-free, safe and really easy to use.

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