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Respiratory Problems Treatment

Here at Tower Health we have different products available to help relieve breathing problems caused by issues such as cold, flu and rhinitis. Ours are all natural solutions that do not use drugs but instead harness the healing power of plant extracts.

Rhinitis is a symptom of allergies to air borne allergens, such as hay fever or dust mite allergy. Due to this allergy, chemicals are released that make the inside layer of the nose, the mucous membrane, swollen, meaning it is harder to breathe. Excessive levels of mucus are also produced, which further inhibits the ability to breathe through the nose.

Likewise, with a cold or flu the membrane in your nose also becomes inflamed and produces excess mucus when fighting off the infection.

Our Respiratory Problems Treatment can help whether your breathing issues are caused by allergy or virus.

Olbas Oil

Olbas oil is a well-known remedy for congested airways. As a natural solution made from plant essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, cajeput, juniper and clove, it helps to unblock your nose if you are suffering from a cold or rhinitis. It starts working instantly to ease chest and nasal congestion and soothe the aching, tired muscles caused by some viruses.

You can use Olbas Oil in a variety of ways to help relieve your symptoms. For example, you can add a couple of drops to a bowl of hot water and breathe in the steam. Or at night—a time when symptoms can particularly flare up—you can sprinkle a couple of drops on your pillow or on a tissue to hang over the bed post. This can help minimise a build-up of congestion as you sleep.

Sailtair Easy Breath Salt Pipe

The Salitair Easy Breath Salt Pipe is another natural solution to aid breathing, and is also a classified medical device. With the Salitair pipe, you inhale natural salt crystals which help to calm the airways and relieve the troublesome symptoms of colds, rhinitis, allergies and other breathing issues. It’s drug-free, safe and really easy to use. You simply add salt crystals into the device and breathe through it deeply for roughly 15 minutes a day. It is of course refillable too, so you can use it over and over.

Nutri Derma Airways Night Pillow Spray

This soothing pillow spray contains natural essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and bay that are renowned for their decongestant qualities. Eucalyptus and rosemary are also well-known remedies for colds thanks to their antiseptic properties. Sprayed lightly onto your pillow a few times at night, this spray is a natural solution to help ease your breathing at night.

Thanks to its lovely calming smell, this pillow spray can also help you get a better night’s sleep, which is a boost for your immune system too. Or alternatively you could try the Nutri Derma Peaceful Night Pillow Spray, which contains, amongst others, orange, bergamot, lemon and lavender and is specifically designed to help you sleep well and peacefully.

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