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At Tower Health we understand that when it comes to treatment, you want to hear from others who have tried it. Acnecide is one of our most popular ranges of acne treatment due to it's ability to have a positive effect on acne prone skin. Below you'll find just a sample of what our customers have said about the acnecide range. Don't forget you van find even more acnecide reviews on each individual product by checking the star rating.

Acnecide Facewash - 50g & 100G Available

"My daughter relies in this to keep her teenage acne at bay.....tried loads of other products but this is the only one that has been effective so far"

Karen Revill

"I like this wash it does help and used in conjunction with the Acnecide treatment gel it works well"

Gwen Millington

"A good but not great product. It's great if used as a prevention to breakout or at the very first signs and certainly does help clear spots more quickly but only if caught in time, too late and the effect is negligible."

Antony B.

Acnecide Gel with Benzoyl Peroxide - 30g & 60g Available

"Seemed to be working almost instantly! Great product!"

Paul Cardrick

"This is the strongest Acne cream Ive ever used. My brother used it and it really helped his acne go away so now Im trying it. Its very strong, so only use a little bit. It does make your skin dry, and I am prone to dry skin anyway so it made it very rough, but it does clear up the acne where nothing else works. Visible results for me in only about a week, thats how tough it is. Dont know about the long term effects but should be ok."

James Birkbeck

"This is the BEST acne/ spot cream i have ever used would recommend it 100% and doesn't dry out the skin like most of the acne creams being sold."

Tina Potts

"This product is fantastic and is the closest to prescription strength acne cream that you can buy. I've been using it for less than a week and my oily skin is do ally drying out, but in a good way! I would recommend anyone to use this cream. I have really sensitive skin and have not found this product to be harsh at all. Go out and buy, you will not regret it at all!!"

Kayleigh Baldwin

Acnecide Skincare Kit - Face wash, Gel, Moisturiser & Cleanser

"Acnecide definately works. This package is essential for those with sore unsightly skin. I use everything in the pack so no money wasted."


Acnecide Bundle - 30g Gel + 50g Face Wash

"Massive improvement to my skin over the past months. Completely cleared my cystic acne and (touch wood) are slowly but surely helping my scarring. The best products by far for hormonal acne!!"

Danielle Kaitell

Acnecide Daily Moisturiser SPF30 - 50ml

"Only product that has helped to reduce the oil in my skin without drying it out too much and helps spots to reduce well but best of all helps to reduce pain from cystic acne."


Acnecide Daily Cleanser - 235ml

"Tried lots of different products for acne. But I have to say this one actually works. Give it time though as skin gets slightly worse to begin with. Then it clears up a treat. Soft smooth skin that’s not sore anymore !"

Steven F

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