New Automatic paingone* plus+

New Automatic paingone* plus+

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Regular Price: £49.95

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New paingone* plus+

paingone is already a leading portable device for on-the-go (pain) relief. More than 1.4 million units of the original paingone pen have been sold worldwide.

Now we’ve made it even easier to get relief in an instant!

paingone* plus+ takes the trusted, clinically-proven TENS-like therapy of the original paingone and makes it even easier to use; with automatic therapy delivery, a one-click on/off switch and an easy-to-hold design. It’s the portable pain relief device you have been waiting for.

paingone* plus+ fits easily into a pocket or a bag. It’s there with you whenever you need it: in your home, the car, the office, the garden or just out and about. It can even be applied through clothing, so you always have speedy relief available at the touch of a button and without inconvenience or embarrassment.

paingone* plus+ uses the same clinically proven and customer-approved therapy that has already helped so many users relieve their chronic and acute pain. And it only takes 30 seconds to apply.

How do I use paingone* plus+?

Simply place paingone* plus+ onto the area you wish to use it. Then press the activating button just once!

The device automatically delivers a series of controlled therapeutic impulses. After 30 seconds, simply click the button once more to end the treatment. The device will have delivered a total of 40 impulses, sufficient to prompt the body’s natural pain response mechanisms into action. Relief can last for hours and, if you need to apply again, you can do so. It is impossible to over-apply the paingone* plus+.

The solid design is easy to grip and hold – ideal for those with painful hands and fingers. Those who have tried the original paingone* but found it difficult to apply, such as people with arthritis in their hands, will find paingone plus+ answers their needs. The full treatment can be administered with a single click. paingone plus+ does all the work for you - no more tired thumbs!

How is the paingone* plus+ powered?

paingone* plus+ is powered by a single AAA battery. Just one battery provides, on average, more than 800 treatments, making it both practical and economical. There are no wires, pads, gels or accessories required.

This is the ideal, wireless TENS-style therapy device for anyone who desires quick and hassle-free relief. With just 1 button and 1 click, you can receive all the proven benefits of the paingone* therapy, in an instant.

paingone* is a registered Trade Mark only. The name does not imply efficacy and the product has not been clinically proven to relieve pain.

We recommend that you seek medical guidance
before using the paingone* PLUS if

  • You use a pacemaker
  • Suffer from epilepsy
  • You are in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy

When and where not to use the paingone* PLUS

  • In or around the eyes
  • Over the heart
  • On the front of the throat
  • Directly over metal implants
  • Whilst driving

paingone* PLUS is a registered Trade Mark only. The name does not imply efficacy and the product has not been clinically proven to relieve pain.

Product Features

  • Relief with one touch of a button
  • Apply directly where it hurts
  • Simple 30-second treatment, with up to 800 uses from one battery
  • Can be used over light clothing
  • For the temporary relief of pain *

Product Details

New Automatic paingone* plus

The paingone* plus device is not to be confused with a traditional TENS machine which has pads, electrodes and sticky gel. It's a hand held TENS, applied straight to the area you wish to use it, without the fuss of pads, electrodes and gels. It is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device used by many satisfied users, old and young alike.

It’s a totally portable device, there are no leads or pads and it is praised by many the world over and it is so versatile you can use it over clothing anywhere, anytime.

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